Andreas Antonopoulos - The Future Of Money (London Real)

Here’s a handful of Andreas’ best quotes from this three-hour interview at London Real as published around the end of June 2019.

Source: https://londonreal.tv/e/andreas-antonopoulos/?series=andreas-antonopoulos?freshLRtvReg


Even if it does [justify a 1000x price in Bitcoin], that's not gonna happen in a month. Even if it does, at that point, that curve has so outpaced [...] the development of the technology. And it happens in cycles.

– at 34m0s

Shock doctrine: [...] The IMF comes in, they do a bailout with loans, they impose austerity, they demand repayment, they force the country to privatize all the assets, sell it to private companies, strip the pensions and then the economy crashes.

– at 52m56

Our job [...] is to make everyone ready. [...] Making the technology a lot easier to use - and "use" in a way that's secure by default [...] and then, build better user interfaces.

– at 55m30

Let's say you run the government [...] and you have a big debt to repay. [...] One of those choices is impose currency controls, lock everyone in the country, [...] denominate all of the bank accounts in the local currency, [...] forbid them from having foreign currency.

– at 59m0

Now they're all locked in. And then, you drive up the interest rates and you inflate the debt away, because you just drive the value of the money down. [...] It's stealing all of the value that people have put into building wealth for the next generation.

– at 59m53

Terrorism is funded primarily by state institutions [...] by countries [...]. We have our dirty little hands - when I say "we", I mean Britain and the US - funneling billions and billions of dollars to the very governments that committed terrorist attacks.

– at 1h23m22

Separation of money and state, in 20-25 years, will be considered an obvious idea [...] that all civilized people do.

– at 1h26m33

I predict, then in 30 years we're gonna have to disrupt blockchains with something else.

– at 2h13m4

All of the systems eventually get corrupted. [...] The one enduring thing through all of history is the nature of change and the need for change. Everything has to be disrupted.

– at 2h15m20

Most people severely underestimated the power and range of capabilities and even the range of options they realistically have. [...] We have a lot of power.

– at 2h46m03

My least favorite expression in the world is, "Everything happens for a reason", and my true credo and world view is, "Everything happens for no fucking reason at all. We live in a universe of utter chaos.

– at 2h49m0