Caliberator 22LR - 3D-printable cartridge-holder for caliber .22 Long Rifle

The “Caliberator 22LR” is a box capable of holding up to 50 cartridges in caliber .22 Long Rifle (5.6×15mmR).

  • A little ramp rises a row of five when the slide is pushed from the opposite side simplifying the act of extracting cartridges.
  • The box is compatible to the slide that ships with certain CCI-brand ammunition. This may spare you the task of having to print the slide.
  • On the top of the box above and below the “.22 LR” text there is space for two labels of up to 11 characters (when using an embossing label maker).
  • Numbering on the side allows for quick calculation of remaining bullets in the box.
  • Of course the box sports XMR.ID’s bullet mascot on both sides (pointing towards a brighter future :).

You can find the source files at https://gitlab.com/fullmetalScience/printables and use OpenSCAD to interpret and convert them to STL or download the necessary STL’s directly from the Caliberator 22LR page on Thingiverse.