Interview with Richard Heart - Bitcoin, Bull Market, Ethereum, Success, Earning Millions, HEX

Richard Heart on recession, the importance of marketing and what makes valuable education;

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olz2s1OVllY


Crypto makes all time highs when legacy makes all time highs, because [...] in a macro-look at economics when they keep printing all the money, everything that's not printing is gonna go up in price.

– at 30m8s

Did Bitcoin on-board an extra few million users in the last six months? [...] No - but the ponzi schemes did. Why? Because they have marketing budgets [...] and they advertise everywhere. [...] If you wanna reach people and wanna have scale, you *need* advertisements.

– at 44m19s

In school what they teach you is the least valuable stuff possible. [...] Why it's the least valuable? Because they're teaching it to you and they're also teaching it to everyone else which means, since everyone knows it, no one can make any outsized returns by knowing it.

– at 1h17m7s

You can learn as much as you want right now at home with better quality of education watching videos of better instructors for free - instead of overpaying someone that's not good at their job to learn inefficiently crap that you can't make money with.

– at 1h18m53s

The "Pull" system: You have a goal, you have something useful you want to achieve and you learn what you have to, to achieve that thing.

– at 1h20m13s